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Can I buy personal items from my business account?

Can I buy personal stuff from my business bank account? It’s a question that we get asked quite a lot. In fact it’s a question I wish more people would ask, as there’s a very simple answer to this one. Yes you can, but please don’t! It can be very tempting to get the business… Read more »

What’s my director’s salary for 2017-18?

What’s your magic number? Last year it was £671 or £916, but what are the magic numbers going to be this year? If you have a limited company you might recognise your director’s salary figure from last year. Now that Spring is in the air and the daffodils are blooming, it must be time for the… Read more »

New trivial benefits in kind exemption is not so trivial

We have a limited company client who are basically a lovely employer. They often give their employees little treats and perks and generally make the company a great place to work. Then we come along with our accountant’s head on and start quizzing them about the minute details of each expense to try and determine… Read more »

Dividends for directors are changing

From April 2016 the way in which your dividends are taxed is going to be changing significantly. It will affect the tax that you pay in order to take profit out of your limited company. This change was announced in the July 2015 budget and became part of the 2015 Finance Act. How do things… Read more »

Summer budget secrets and what they mean for you.

There was a lot of media coverage over the Chancellor’s summer budget with the usual discussion over average households, who will benefit and who will lose. Flying pretty much under the radar, almost unnoticed through all of this, were some budget changes that will have significant impact on small businesses in the UK. These budget… Read more »

Why is my director’s salary such a strange amount?

Have you ever wondered why your director’s salary such a strange amount? Why does it change each year and why isn’t it a nice round figure? Where do these odd figures come from? It’s all to do with one of the main advantages you have as a company director. One of the benefits of having a… Read more »